Awesome food.

Balzunetta Outdoor space

Tranquil Place

away from city

Located in Floriana, Balzunetta is featuring an indoor and outdoor seating area. It’s the perfect place to visit for lunch during a quick break from work, experience a culinary experience in the evening or have some good food with live music until the late hours. A local place with a twist. A place where you can find good food & drinks while having a fun time too!

Fresh Food

any season, anytime

The food at Balzunetta Gastropub is both fast and slow. A combination of the Maltese and Italian culinary traditions with attention to a healthy and sustainable diet. 

chicken salad

Dietory restrictions

mouth watering meals

In our menu you will find a vast selection of vegan and vegetarian options. For those with gluten intolerance, we can offer some dishes from the menu made gluten free. Kindly let us know any dietary restrictions.