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Balzunetta Restaurant Malta

The Restaurant

Founded as Floriana’s Bocci Club, the popular establishment is now under the helm of a talented team under the new brand – Balzunetta.

This area in Floriana has a rich, vibrant (and also spicy!) history. Balzunetta was named after this specific area and it promises to give its customers a unique experience.

Set in the iconic tradition that founded the Maltese Bocci Club, the well-travelled and health conscious owners offer some exquisite mix of traditional Maltese, Italian and vegan dishes to concept ideas that will blow your taste buds away.

Indoor & Outdoor

Our Menu is vast, ranging from the all time favorites such as pizzas and burgers, to some interesting vegan and vegetarian options.

Balzunetta has beautiful outdoor space, under the shadow of the local parish church in Floriana. With a total of 3,000 sq feet, the place is a great site to hosts dinner and drinks with your family and friends.

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